Washington Winegrowing

Premium Varietal Wines

Washington is America’s second largest wine-producing state (after California), with 650 wineries and over 36,000 acres of vineyards. It produces a wide variety of premium wines from more than 30 leading varietal types that are among the finest in the world, and showcases 11 distinct winegrowing regions.

Pure European Vinifera

Washington State vines are pure European vinifera and produce fruit with exceptional varietal personality because the vines are planted on their own roots rather than grafted onto rootstocks. (Almost all modern European and California vines are grafted.)

Washington State Wine GrapesWashington - The Ideal Climate
for Grape Growing

Washington's climate varies considerably from west to east. The expansive Cascade Range creates a rainshadow effect resulting in prolific rainfall west of the mountains with an average of 50" annually, and very dry conditions to the east (8” of annual rainfall).

The majority of Washington's grapevines are planted east of the Cascade Mountain Range in desert-like conditions. The warm days and cool nights are ideal for producing grapes with intense fruit flavors and lively acidity.

Additionally, nighttime temperatures in Eastern Washington drop dramatically during the summer months. This daily variation is critical to the development of quality grapes, and results in wines that are concentrated, with well-structured flavors that pair beautifully with food.